Particular Reality is a game designed to address two intrinsic limitations of VR: the physical boundaries of the play area and the lack of haptic feedback. The project is in its early development stages.

Forget the limits of your play area

Your gaze and position select a target platform.
Opening a portal lets you take a step from one half of the source platform to the opposite half of the target platform.
Then, you repeat the process.

It comes natural and doesn't cause any motion sickness, as there's no disconnect between your actual movements and those of your avatar.

This way, you can explore an unbounded game world while physically moving within the confines of a single hexagonal platform.

Experience unspoiled immersion

Lots of particle systems populate the game world with all kinds of wobbly, intangible elements and energy flows.
This creates an ethereal environment where the lack of haptic feedback is expected and feels natural.

Platforms are the only solid element, mapped to the equally solid floor of your play area.

The use of hand tracking as the primary control option makes the experience even more immersive.


Check our development diary on Substack!

Particular Reality DevLog